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About the Toolkits & Materials Program
The Center creates and disseminates toolkits and materials to assist evaluators, mental health care providers, and policy makers involved in evaluation. The most recent toolkits and materials have been in the area of Quality Improvement measures, creating manuals and workbooks for psychosocial interventions, a compendium on the conceptualization and measurement of recovery, and a monograph that presents a brief history of evidence-based practices.

Evaluators from different areas are frequently working on similar studies, but may not have the opportunity to learn about methodologies that their colleagues have developed and field tested. Similarly, mental health care providers and policy makers may be faced with the same substantive evaluation challenges as their colleagues.

Toolkits provide evaluators, mental health care providers, and policy makers involved in evaluation with complete packages related to the evaluation of particular substantive issues. The toolkits give users ready access to some of the most current approaches and instructions on how to implement sound evaluation studies. The toolkits contain information on such things as instruments, methodology, and data analysis and utilization.

Materials provide technical assistance in the area of evaluation. Materials include: Center briefings, syntheses of existing evaluation literature on selected topics, book reviews, monographs on system change evaluation, and reviews of new instruments, methodologies, and software packages.

Toolkits and materials are available in the areas of:

  • Outcomes Measurement
  • Evaluation Methodology and Statistics
  • Managed Care
  • Performance Measurement & Quality
  • Internet Evaluation Issues
  • Multicultural Issues in Evaluation
  • Evidence-based Practices

Most of the materials developed by TEC can now be found on the HSRI website:

You can also use the search box to the upper right to locate items (e.g. Outcomes and Methodolgy). This search will also locate items by product number (i.e. PN-54).

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Through the Toolkits and Materials Program, the Center also makes available Evaluation FastFacts which are 2-3 page briefings of new and current mental health services evaluations, resource, and/or methods. These briefings provide a quick and easy way for constituents to learn important and timely information in the field of evaluation. The most recent FastFacts is on HIPPA.

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The Center also makes available TECScripts which are transcripts of on-line discussions about specific topics. The discussions take place as part of the electronic mailing lists of the e-Community Program. TECScripts provide a compilation of on-line discussions on specific topics. TECScripts are available in the areas of:

  • Dealing with Therapists' Resistance to Outcomes
  • Written Treatment Plans and Mental Health Outcomes
  • The Need for Fundamental Change in Healthcare.
  • Outcome Measures for Children and Adolescents
  • Evidence-Based Treatment (EBTs)
  • Objectives Based Treatment Plans


For further assistance with Toolkits and Materials please contact Clifton M Chow by phone at 617-844-2510 or by email at

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