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About the e-Community Program
The e-Community Program at the Evaluation Center@HSRI makes use of multiple methods of communication via the Internet. It is comprised of OUTCMTEN, our hosted electronic mailing list, as well as our main website, interactive databases, and bulletin boards.

The purpose of the OUTCMTEN (Outcomes Evaluation Topical Evaluation Network) list is to develop a broad collective expertise with respect to problems of assessing and analyzing outcomes of interventions aimed at improving mental health systems. The list also serves to provide assistance, information, and contacts regarding: 1) issues in evaluation; 2) experimental and quasi-experimental design; 3) instrument and survey development; and 4) statistical analysis for mental health.

Complete information about how to subscribe to OUTCMTEN and how to access archived list messages, including messages from our previous lists LEGALTEN, MBHEVAL and MCMHEVAL , can be found on the mailing list section of this website. You can also visit our frequently asked questions section which will help answer further questions about how to use the lists

Bulletin Boards
Internet bulletin boards are a great way to communicate with other members of a community. The intent of the Evaluation Center bulletin boards is to provide and foster open discussions about topics of interest in the mental health evaluation community, such as cultural competency and evidence-based practices. We also intend to provide a place for peer-to-peer technical assistance for using our published materials, specifically our toolkits. We encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences!

The following bulletin board forums are available on this site:

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